Renewable energy in India has so far been dependent on subsidies given by the Government. But after Paris agreement, since India committed to setting up 175GW of renewable energy till 2022, we have seen the emergence of RESCO Solar model of PV installation. Factors such as frequent power cuts, increasing prices of conventional power, high irradiation and the falling costs of solar are driving the demand in Roof Top Market. Here are 5 reasons why RESCO Model in Solar would work in India

In the OPEX model, an investor or project developer (sometimes called Renewable Energy Service Company –RESCO) invests installs, operates and maintains the rooftop solar power plant. Both consumer and developer sign a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) for an agreed tenure & tariff. The rooftop owners can consume the electricity generated, for which they have to pay a pre-decided tariff to RESCO developer on a monthly basis for the tenure of the agreement.


PN Solar facilitates installation of solar PV Systems on the roofs of IT/ Business Parks & Office Complexes, Mall /Shopping Complexes, Go downs/Cold Storage, and Health Centers/ Hospitals on EPC mode (CAPEX) or Investment mode (OPEX) depending on the willingness of owner of the premises. In CEPX Model all investment will be done by consumers while in OPEX Model investment will be made by third party and consumers will have to sign a Power purchase Agreement (PPA) with actual investor at mutually agreed tariff and tenure.


Inspired by the customers’ project needs, we design competitive solutions that perform reliably throughout your plant lifetime, so that you benefit from high solar profits.Our experts lead the forefront of the technology when it comes to engineering the simplest and most optimized solar power
systems as per needs.


PN offers competitive prices in all project ranges. The company’s goal is to achieve the best quality / price relation.


Technical expertise about the existing and latest solar technologies, is the backbone of our company. We have a dedicated team of professionals with a experience of more than 3 MW solar system installation, design and commissioning.


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