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Progressive businesses are looking to reduce their energy costs through sustainable alternatives such as Solar and Wind Energy.

Solar Energy has a positive impact on your electricity bill savings and even a significant impact on the environment. Solar Energy System provides excellent return on investment through the use of un-utilized rooftop and has minimum maintenance over the years.

PN Solar offers its state of the art solutions for Industrial solar rooftop projects. PN ensures your return on investment by reducing your electricity bills. PN Solar's customized rooftop solutions intends to help industrial, commercial and institutional customers to implement solar power solutions, thereby not only reducing the carbon footprint but also saving sound amount on electricity bills.

Call us now to start your solar journey and save on your electricity bills.

Inspired by the customers’ project needs, we design competitive solutions that perform reliably throughout your plant lifetime, so that you benefit from high solar profits.Our experts lead the forefront of the technology when it comes to engineering the simplest and most optimized solar power
systems as per needs.

PN offers competitive prices in all project ranges. The company’s goal is to achieve the best quality / price relation.

Technical expertise about the existing and latest solar technologies, is the backbone of our company. We have a dedicated team of professionals with a experience of more than 3 MW solar system installation, design and commissioning.


PN Solar Rooftop ?

Save electricity and ultimately money.

Benefits right from the day of the installation.

Low maintenance.


Utilization of vacant space into useful power plant.

Reduce carbon footprint and help save environment.

Low gestation period.



Solar solutions customized to your requirements including On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid solar power plants.

Ranging from few kW's to multiple MW's.

Various business models to suit customer requirements



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