The large flat roof of a school building is a great place for solar panels. Using the space to generate clean solar electricity will cut energy costs and make a lasting impression on students.

Parents, faculty, and the community appreciate a school’s effort to reduce spending while creating a richer learning experience. Students want to be a part of what happens around them. Solar schools bring a real world solar energy experience into the classroom.

School administrators are leaders in their communities. Using solar energy shows leadership in energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. A school with a solar energy system is a better place to work and learn.

PN Solar provides a range of solutions, even financially, to aide all institutes looking to take a green step for a brighter tomorrow.

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PN Solar Rooftop ?


Inspired by the customers’ project needs, we design competitive solutions that perform reliably throughout your plant lifetime, so that you benefit from high solar profits.Our experts lead the forefront of the technology when it comes to engineering the simplest and most optimized solar power
systems as per needs.


PN offers competitive prices in all project ranges. The company’s goal is to achieve the best quality / price relation.


Technical expertise about the existing and latest solar technologies, is the backbone of our company. We have a dedicated team of professionals with a experience of more than 3 MW solar system installation, design and commissioning.




Institute's empty rooftop space is idle for setting up solar plant and reduce electricity bill and help environment.

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