Founded in 2017, PN Automation & Energy Solutions is a part of Ingale group, venturing in various businesses since 1985. Ingale group has been successful in various ventures such as Manufacturing, Chemicals, Automation and Solar Energy. PN solar is a division of this group having its core focus on Solar Energy Solutions.



Foundation of this group was laid by Mr. Avinash Ingale in 1985, by setting up its first business by the name of "Samath Industries." Having a vast knowledge of various industries after working 21 different jobs, Mr. Avinash saw an immediate success in his first venture. In 1994, he set up another company "Swami Vessels Pvt. Ltd." introducing a new range of machinery for chemical processing units such as Agitated Thin Film Evaporators, Flacker Machine and Pyrolysis plant. His latest venture involves, Solar Energy and litharge manufacturing unit.   

R&D and Expansion


With the new set up of "Swami Vessels Pvt. Ltd.", our group spent great amount of money and time in developing and optimizing new technologies such as plastic, tire to oil plant, Machinery for food processing. Due to our quality and service, we started importing our machines Internationally to countries including Thailand, South Africa, Iran etc. We have always believed in  focusing our assets on R&D in order to get the best of us and provide customers with state of the art machinery.



In 2017, we started a new company "PN Automation & Energy Solutions." After completing his M.S. from University of Cincinnati, Mr. Himanshu Ingale joined our group. Having worked as an Automation Manager in one of the reputed companies in USA, He brought a new perspective to our group. His knowledge of packaging machinery and research in Solar Cells, helped us set up our new company and grasp new grounds in this competitive field. In short time of 2 years, We have already bagged orders of 2 MW.